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Wild Bunch Rules Forum / Re: Clearing Long Guns on the Line
« Last post by Boggus Deal on May 09, 2019, 10:19:01 AM »
Abe, my opinion and only MY opinion is that the answer to your first question is a SDQ.
First half of the second question is, again my opinion only, is the end of the firing line would be when the shooter safely has their pistol holstered and long guns retrieved to head to their gun cart. I agree on the second half.
Lastly, in my opinion, it depends on how the pistol is dropped. Was the pistol being handled in an unsafe manner? By that I mean it should be holstered. Why was it out? Were they taking it out to put it in the cart? Did they turn around and catch it on someones cart parked to close and pull it out? Were they mishandling the gun? Did they trip in a hole and it fall out? That answer, I think, is going to be a judgement call.
Again, this is all my personal opinion.
Happy Jack may help clear up some questions.
Wild Bunch Rules Forum / Clearing Long Guns on the Line
« Last post by Abe E.S. Corpus on May 09, 2019, 09:53:48 AM »
A question about a dropped 1911 was asked in a Facebook group spawned a couple of discussions.

First the rules:  A dropped unloaded gun on the firing line (defined as the LT to the ULT) is a SDQ.  Sweeping anyone with an unloaded firearm (without the qualification of on the firing line) is a SDQ.

It is not unusual at WBAS matches locally to announce that long guns will be cleared on the line at the conclusion of the stage.  I don't see that as altering a safety convention.  The 1911 is, of course, cleared on the line by the TO.

OK, so the first question is an easy one:  If no ULT is in use, what is the end point of the firing line?  In my view, the places in the stage where the long guns were discarded are the ULT and the firing line ends when the last gun has been cleared on the line.  What if the pistol is the last gun cleared-is the firing line still in effect until the pistol is holstered?

Second question is a softball, too.  In the original FB post, the TO cleared the 1911, the shooter tabled the pistol and the TO them cleared the long guns on the line.  As the shooter retrieved the pistol he dropped it, resulting in the TO being swept and the 170 was broken.  My view, after checking the SHB, was that the shooter failed to follow the mandatory commands for clearing the 1911, the last step of which is to holster the pistol.  That is a SDQ, probably at the point when the shooter took his hand off of the cleared, tabled pistol.  Any disagreement so far?

The final questions are not specific to WBAS but involves a dropped unloaded pistol off of the firing line.  I always understood that to be a no call.  But if it sweeps someone or breaks the 170 is that different?  A friend of mine who is a very experienced TO maintains that only a gun in hand or otherwise under the shooter's control is capable of sweeping.  I think that's a logical interpretation.  Thoughts?

The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: BAMM
« Last post by DUSTY BODDAMS on May 09, 2019, 07:41:13 AM »
LV,we have shot 2 pop gun side matches and I’ve gotta say these things are a lotta fun! Last match
We based the stage on 7 rounds sitting in chair,pistol in hand. From about 6 to 7 yards at the beep engage small autoreset target then engage the 6 static targets. We did this a few times and it was really entertaining. Dusty
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: BAMM
« Last post by lostvaquero on May 08, 2019, 11:23:52 PM »
You are welcome to try my k31 as well but earliest will be 18th LV match.

If you go to the show might want to keep an eye out for a 1903/05 pocket or similar.  Trying to get interest in POP or POcket Pistol wild bunch style.  Those little pistols turn of the century to about WW1 design.  I will bring my 1903 if you want to try that as well.
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: BAMM
« Last post by Blaze Kinkaid 253 on May 08, 2019, 08:43:45 PM »
Thanks pards for the info input.  Its been invaluable
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: BAMM
« Last post by C.N. Double on May 08, 2019, 04:00:08 PM »
Howdy Blaze -- There isn't much formal literature on BAMM, but there are a lot of good threads here discussing stage planning, etc. Here is what the SHB says (p17):
"The  rifle  must  be  an  original  caliber  bolt-action  rifle  issued  by  any  country  to  its military  forces  through  the  end  of  WWII.    It  must  be  as  issued  with  original  iron battle  sights  and  NO  external  modifications.  Internal  modifications  are  allowed.  Faithful reproductions are allowed."

The matches I've shot have been very flexible. You don't necessarily need 100yd+ range -- you can just use smaller targets, shoot offhand, etc. -- whatever it takes to shoot a match!

Here's an example course of fire from the Western Territorial a couple of weeks ago:
- Two untimed sighter shots allowed
- Four targets at 75, 100, 125, and 150yds
- From seated/supported position, load five rounds with bolt open.
1. ATB, starting on 125yd target, alternate between it and 150yd target for 5 rounds
2. Move to standing (offhand or supported) position and reload.
3. Starting on 75yd target, alternate on it and 100yd target for 5 rounds.
4. Smile because it was so much fun (I did it three times).

If you are thinking about an 03a3, you are always welcome to handle and shoot mine. I'm hoping with reduced loads (<1600fps) we'll be able to put a regular local match together soon.
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: BAMM
« Last post by DUSTY BODDAMS on May 08, 2019, 12:24:59 PM »
K31 has been called the rolls Royce of mil surp guns due to build quality. It’s built to such close tolerance that hand loads must be absolute best quality to function 100%. 03a3 would be the most popular along with the 1903 Springfield. All the mausers based on 98 action are great for BAMM yugo 24,24/47 and model 48 represent a good quality accurate reliable rifle at less than half the cost of a comparable 03. These mausers are all 8mm and easy to loadfor and get brass. Bullets that are hitek coated and g.c. Are a phone call away. Remember that it’s got to be original issue type rifle on outside to be legal, no sporterized stocks and must have as issued battle sights. Buy the best bore you can get your hands on! Remember a polished turd is a turd that’s polished! Look over all the old bolt guns and it will boil down to this for foreign rifles,do you like a straight bolt or a bent bolt better? All the mauser sights are about the same with minor differences. Question on the 03 or 03a3 will be do you like a barrel or a peep sight? Another option are the argentine rifles in 7.65 x53 again easy to load for uses a .312 bullet,brass is easy as it can be bought or simple to make from 8mm.  Whatever your buying buy on condition.  Welcome to BAMM! Dusty B
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: BAMM
« Last post by lostvaquero on May 08, 2019, 11:05:52 AM »
03 seems to be popular.  Mauser probably right up there as well.
I picked up a Swiss K31.  Most have seen little use. 
The gun Smith checked mine and asked if it had even bern fired the action and barrel was so pristine.
He also said the lock up was tighter than some of the new bolt guns.
Swiss built them like their watches and they were not under war time pressure and restrictions.
Brass is not as easy to find asb 8mm or 30-06.  K31 though takes same bullet size as 30-06 So makes it easy.
The Wild Bunch Wire / Re: BAMM
« Last post by Happy Jack on May 08, 2019, 10:21:23 AM »
Blaze,  Goatneck Clem wrote the rules so he is the expert on legal firearms. Garrison Joe is very active with it in NM. I am sure somer of the active shooters will chime in soon.
The Wild Bunch Wire / BAMM
« Last post by Blaze Kinkaid 253 on May 08, 2019, 09:47:56 AM »
Pards; there is some interest in BAMM matches here in So Arizona, as two of our top shooters are involved in it.  Is there a written format for BAMM that
I could download?  Also what are the most popular rifle and calibers used?  There is a local gun show coming up on May 18-19 that I will  check out.
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