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44 Mag and .45 ACP common powder loads

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Lord Eoin:
I have a 44 Mag rifle and the standard 1911 pistol....
I am looking for a common powder to use for both that meets WB specs.
200grn bullets in 45 and maybe the same for 44.

I use Titegroup in .44mag and .45acp with 200gr. lead bullets.  Works fine for me.


Red Dot has been available in my area and works for both.
Works well for 12ga shotgun loads also.


lots of good powders to do both. WST, unique, bullseye, clays, 700x,231, red dot, herco, WSL if you had some jugs of it laying around. it would be best to see what you have or can get.   whatever your running in the 45, if it's working and doing good the 44 mag will work fine with that same powder.......as far as wb specs ,which I take to mean power factor. you need access to a chronograph you have got to make a minimum of 150 pf . everyone I know tries to make at least 160-165 for cushion. a 200 grain bullet has to chrony at 750 to meet the floor. the speed you actually want is 800 feet per second or thereabouts for a power factor of 160........ dusty boddams

Wild Bodie Tom:
And when ya find the magic rainbow source that has all the usable powders in question, please let us all know as well....
Good Luck!!!!!!


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