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Las Vegas
« on: June 06, 2014, 04:04:27 PM »
Hey all, the little lady and I are headed to Vegas for 10 days, my parents live there and they want to see their grandson! (don't care about seen us) been about 20 years since we lived there and were not into partying and not much drinkers or gamblers, are there any good Cowboy places? like guns (drool places) or clothes places. I know there a few clubs out there so they must get their toys someplace, I been to all the high zoot shootin places that specialize in ARs and machine guns, I want to find SASS/Cowboy stuff

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Re: Las Vegas
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You know you may want to speak to Wild Bodie Tom about all the fun things to do around Las Vegas but on the other hand maybe not.  :)
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Re: Las Vegas
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There be plenty of places to drool............
But Jimmy would not know that.
PAHRUMP. They even have a gun shop or 2. Seems I never have time to visit them for SOME reason however.
Perhaps the next time.
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