Author Topic: ~Attempted Re-holstering~  (Read 7623 times)

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Re: ~Attempted Re-holstering~
« Reply #15 on: July 01, 2014, 10:47:02 AM »
WBT and Boggus are correct: there are a couple of statements about handling the 1911. The one that is most important to this thread is the one on page 7 of the Shooters Handbook:

"No matter what occurs during the stage, it is imperative to remember the 1911 CANNOT be re-holstered until after the course of fire is completed and it is checked clear and made safe."

Other statements about clearing and restaging are also referenced. NO CHANGES have been made in those areas EXCEPT that if you restage the pistol with the slide forward you have until you fire the next gun the clear it without penalty.

See the definition of "Pistol in Hand" in the Glossary to determine if the pistol has actually been drawn and the penalty may be applied.

That is the ONLY rule change.  We clarified the rule about reloads being required from slidelock as many problems were occuring with the current wording. The ONLY exception to the slide lock reload rule is if the slidelock fails and you need to reload WITHOUT changing location.
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