Author Topic: Let's DO this thing! Wild Bunch Match, this weekend, 8/2, at Wes Thompson's!  (Read 896 times)

Frederick Jackson Turner

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Wild Bunch 1911 Match at Piru, FRIDAY! July 4!


This SATURDAY, August 2, The Hole In The Wall Gang, will feature our regular First Saturday Wild Bunch Event!

If you've done it you know; if you've never tried it, you'll find out; it's a challenging, and fun-filled event, featuring the 1911, a lever action, pistol caliber rifle, and pump action '97 or Model 12 shotgun.

Bring 125 rounds of .45, 55 rounds of rifle, 38 rounds of shotgun. Load 'em hot; lots of knockdowns await!

Start at 10:00 a.m.; done about 2:00.