Author Topic: Tejas Caballeros Wild Bunch December 21  (Read 910 times)


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Tejas Caballeros Wild Bunch December 21
« on: October 28, 2014, 07:02:07 PM »
The Tejas Caballeros had so much fun with The Whoopin’ in October that we are going to give other cowboys and cowgirls an opportunity to enjoy the range and the Flat Creek Ranch facilities. We will hold our regular monthly shoot on Saturday December 20, then on Sunday the 21st we will have a Wild Bunch match.

As we discovered at Whoopin’, the ranch has a very nice and modern set of rooms in the Cypress Lodge with an inviting porch and lots of rocking chairs. Room rates are very reasonable. For those who live a ways out from the range, staying on the range Friday and Saturday night is very attractive. You will not be roughing it at all (except maybe having to make your own coffee).

If you want to rent a room at the Cypress Lodge, then you can send a check for $90 for one night or $160 for 2 nights ($20 discount if stay 2 nights) to Child, Inc   818 E. 53rd St. Austin, TX 78751. Reference the Tejas Caballeros/Cypress lodging and the dates staying. The Cypress Lodge is on the ranch and about a mile from the range. You can get more info on Flat Creek Ranch lodging at


If you sign up for both matches on Saturday you get a $5 discount. (Regular rates are $20 for non-members and $15 per members per day). If you just have to shoot that 1911 on Saturday, we even allow the “Wild Agarita” category where you can shoot your 1911 instead of your cowboy pistols. If you are not equipped to shoot Wild Bunch and just want to shoot the cowboy guns again on Sunday, you can do that to. Should be a lot of fun at a great venue.

So who’s coming?