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WinterRange review....
« on: March 02, 2015, 03:10:39 PM »
Okay folks.
It was a great match.....
No lack of shootin, thats for sure.

EVERYONE pulled for chrono passed.
HOWEVER, two were extremely close.... REAL close.
So come on folks. Add a couple tenths....
And these were/are top ten people.
147 - 149 factor with a 152 and 153 to pull em up IMO is too close.
Just sayin.

Everyone passed weight as well.
So kudos to everyone on that.

A question arose upon gun inspection.
Fortunately for the two shooters, it was caught the following day.

After concurring with Happy Jack today, just for the record, unless it gets changed, an ambi magazine release is NOT legal. Not even in Modern class.

I will bring it up @ EOT to insure its clear in the rules. I know it was addressed some time ago.



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