Author Topic: Failing the power factor test?  (Read 6405 times)

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Re: Failing the power factor test?
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The rules committee has already spoken. It's all in the rule book. I prefer to pull ammo randomly through out the match. Might be first stage. Might be last stage. I was a posse marshal at this year's Winter Range and was tasked with pulling ammo from a list of people, including myself. I handed my bag to Evil Roy to pull my test ammo at his discretion. Somewhere during the match, he asked for my ammo as I went to the loading table. I know my ammo will make power. I could probably back off my loads and be fine. It was good enough to win WR last year. I see no need to change it.
As for consistency in testing, again, it's in the rule books on how to accomplish it.
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Re: Failing the power factor test?
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Back 40
The Match Director does have the final call IF needed......
Usually, not needed.
Nobody is in this to take away I am aware of.
My experience has been that ALL attempts to insure NOT DQing based on anything actually is attempted.
Including the chrono.....

Stuff happens however.
Been there, done that.
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Re: Failing the power factor test?
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OK boys, calm down.   In the original post, I simply asked what is the ruling.   Our guy that does the chrono is, without a doubt, more that capable!.   He has the equipment to do the chrono correctly.  Other than, "It is the MD final decision" there is NOTHING in the rule book to handle this specific situation.  I appreciate ALL of your comments, but "some" do not specifically apply to the rule book, ex. ask the shooter his bullet weight, and  "trial" ammo.   None of this is in the rule book.   From what I have gathered, bottom line, it is the MATCH DIRECTOR'S FINAL DECISION.   Need I say more.   Thanks to all for you input!!