Author Topic: Fundamental Tactical Handgun Class  (Read 9218 times)


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Re: Fundamental Tactical Handgun Class
« Reply #30 on: July 31, 2015, 05:23:03 PM »
El Mulo & I have been putting on Cowboy & WB matches here for quite a few years.We started off with about a dozen people in WB but gradually fell off to where there is not enough people to put on a good match.I don't really know why we can't get people interested in it.
  We had a couple of IPSIC guys shoot for a while but haven't seen them for a while..Don't have a clue why they quite on us..
  At our range we can't leave our steel out,so it is quite a bit of work to bring steel out , pic up brass     count , score with just 5or 6 people..Most of us aint Spring Chickens. After all the work it seems to just take all the fun out of it..

Allie Mo

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Re: Fundamental Tactical Handgun Class
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Allie, you guys do well there.
I kinda like the last stage you folks do, if you are still doin that...
Yep! The optional sixth stage is a shooter favorite. Very few people leave.
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