Author Topic: What the Heck is a BAMM Rifle?  (Read 1473 times)

Desert Pete

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What the Heck is a BAMM Rifle?
« on: August 02, 2015, 09:44:31 PM »
The subject says it all.

Grouchy Spike

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Re: What the Heck is a BAMM Rifle?
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Greetings Desert Pete, and welcome to the WB forums.

BAMM is explained in the rules at the top of the WB Wire.  BAMM uses any military bolt action rifle (or clone) issued up to the end of WW2, unmodified externally, cartridges loaded with lead bullets.  Using gas checks, about 1700+ fps, slower if one wants less recoil.  The match is a side match, may be only the rifle, or may include a 1911 and a shotgun.  All kinds of old military rifles appear - Mausers, Krags, Springfields, Arisakas, Lee Enfields, K31s, Mosin Nagants, etc.  If you have the opportunity to visit a BAM Match, I encourage you to do so.  And if the offer is made for you to shoot a few rounds, even better!.   Careful though, you could be hooked!
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