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Re: Recipe information please
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correct load data can be found online from the powder maker

Well, there's at least one rub about trying to find data on-line anymore from Alliant, the manufacturer of Red Dot.  If you go to their current published data, all you find is the MAX load and velocity for the bullet weight and powder type.  They stopped publishing a range of loads that work well several years ago!  Made their data much less useful for light loading!

BUT, if you go to the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook, for a 230 grain RN slug and Red Dot, you get what Lyman considers to be the full useful range of loads from minimum to maximum, from whence you can then get a good estimate of the load to make any particular Power Factor you want.

But, anybody shooting a WB match at the state or higher level had better run their loads over a chrono before going to the match, to ensure you "make" power factor!   Remember what happens when some powders get cold, too!

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Trail Boss Recipe
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4.3 Grains Trail Boss, 230 gr LRN, Federal LP Primers, various cases,= 700 fps, PF 161 as chrono'd by CVV at 2014 State WB Match.
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