Author Topic: 45 acp COL and crimping issue  (Read 18842 times)

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Re: 45 acp COL and crimping issue
« Reply #15 on: February 12, 2016, 08:36:38 AM »
Im new to wild bunch shooting but have been reloading 45ACP for years now. When I switched to reloading lead bullets for cas, I ran into the same problem.  What garrison joe and boggus deal posted are right on target. (Pun intended). But as a note, for myself,  I found that I get much better and more consistent results using a Lee factory crimp die instead of a tapered crimp die. It does not roll the leading edge of the case over as much and you get a better fit to where it rests in the barrel.  I also check every load with a case guage. If it fits into the guage, I've found I have yet to have a feeding problem.  Works for me! Good luck and happy & safe shooting.  W. L.
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Re: 45 acp COL and crimping issue
« Reply #16 on: February 12, 2016, 11:36:35 AM »
WL - Glad some of our advice was working for you.

If you are getting ANY roll of the mouth from a taper crimp die on .45 auto, the crimp die is set too low or it's mis-manufactured!

Take your calipers and measure RIGHT at the mouth.  If you crimp tighter than about 0.470" you are putting too much crimp on with the taper crimp die.  You still want at least half the thickness of the brass at the mouth showing (look down from the nose of loaded cartridge - should see most of the thickness of the brass in the mouth looking back at you).  If you are burying the mouth into the lead, or rolling it over the ogive of the slug, that's too much crimp.  The taper crimp should only be setting the inside third of the wall thickness at the mouth into the lead, so you still have a good ledge of brass outside the slug to headspace against the end of the chamber!

A Lee factory crimp die can work for you, but if it seems to be "correcting" the shape of the crimp compared to what the taper crimp die was putting on, you probably had the taper crimp die adjusted too low.
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