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Moly Coated bullets gained 87 fps

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Grouchy Spike:
During a conversation about reloading for the Swiss K31 Marshal Willy reports that he was amazed at the gain in velocity using moly coated bullets.  He coated 155 gr cast bullets with moly coat and gained 87 fps MV, from 1775 fps to 1862 fps.  He used Lyman #2 lead in a Lee C3121552R mould, sized to 0.310" for a weight of 155 gr with GC,  fired in a 7.5x55 Swiss using 22 gr IMR 4198 powder. 

That moly coating kit came from Buffalo Arms:

 ;DGS, we've been using the moly coated and now the hytec coated bullets and I am sold on them. The guns stay cleaner with accuracy as good or better. I didn't check for increased velocity out of the 30/06 but wouldn't doubt it. The 30 cal is about 170 spire point with an aluminum gc and hytec coated. It's a cat daddy! Dusty

Grouchy Spike:
Ah, the spire point!!  From where can one acquire these?  They should mate well with 7.5x55!

Norm of course. Got him making this bullet and you get to pick the color! Different colors are nice ;D

I just powder coated some 150 grain GCFN... for the Garand... Noted that the same lubed GC bullet weighed in at 151.3, while the powder coated version with GC was 153.6!

Gonna test 'em out on Saturday!


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