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Re: New shooter questions
« Reply #15 on: December 09, 2016, 02:52:44 PM »
I have two double magazine pouches for reloads and I carry a fifth mag to the LT to start off the stage. Our local matches are usually 20 pistol rounds per stage, seldom more so my five magazines give me five extra rounds in case a malfunction causes me to toss out a live round.  I used to carry a "Barney mag" loaded with one round but I grabbed it by mistake in a match and got one round off when I wanted five.  Keep in mind that a loaded magazine can be carried in a pocket.

We were using Model 12s before they were officially allowed.  I don't have trouble remembering to show it to the TO.  I forget other stuff!

Lots of used Model 12s out there.  I don't feel quite as confident with the M12 as I do with a '97, having more trigger time with the former, but that's nothing to do with the gun.

For lack of another way to carry extra shotshells to the line, I wear a single loop shotgun belt for Wild Bunch.  If I need more than six shells on a stage (rare in my area). I pull them from the belt and single load through the ejection port.

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Re: New shooter questions
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Hi Dan

Some of the others eluded to it, confirming your last question - yes, always have at least one more mag than the stage calls for.  The Barney mag is in addition if you so choose.  Some carry one of those but many don't.
While in some places you shoot a maximum of 20 rounds, get 6 pouches, because a lot of places have some stages with 25 and 30 rounds thank goodness.

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Re: New shooter questions
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Get a model 12. A good model 12 will be faster and smoother than a 97.
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