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Wild Bunch engraved Para 1911


Will Lynchem:
Found one at a little local gun store. What would you pay???
this has the little sass Cowboy on the rear of the slide and "Wild Bunch" laser engraved on the front of the slide.
gun is in good to exalent condition.

Boggus Deal:
Depending on what you value the Wild Bunch and SASS logo, $4-500. I posted some info on your post on the SASS wire.

Will Lynchem:
Thanks Boggus. Ya I saw your post and appreciate your input. I think it would be nice to have a 1911 with the sass logos on it but I don't think over paying for a gun that does not shoot well is worth spending the money on. My Sigs do real well. But then again, having a limited edition Sass 1911 would be cool. Just don't want to waste my hard earned money on a piece of junk. Do you know anyone that has one or has shot one?

Boggus Deal:
Know several people with them. And have shot several, myself. Fine, out of the box guns. But can usually benefit from a trigger job and spring change. Para did not do anything special other than logos.


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