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Hello All

A few days ago I was given a large quantity of grungy 45 acp range brass. After running it through the wet media tumbler to make it nice and pretty I noticed a 'bunch' of the brass had the primer flash hole drilled out to something like 1/8".

Does anybody have any idea what the purpose of this is ??

I have reloaded quite a bit of once fired 45acp and never encountered this before.

thanks for anyone's answer.

When you open the flash hole the primer will not back out when fired. That may be it or they are shooting wax bullets with the primer as the charge. Or blanks. Hard to tell from your description.

JJ, I would not consider loading the cases that are drilled out with anything other than wax or a blank. That's exactly how we used to do blanks in 45 colt. Sell them for scrap! Dusty Boddams

Thank you very much for your replies guys.

When I saw those big holes in the brass, I had absolutely no idea why that would have been accomplished. Never gave the wax bullets idea a thought.

Also my first thought was to toss them in the scrap brass box and that is where all of them now reside. I was just inquisitive as to other ideas as to why someone would go through the trouble of drilling a large hole in the bottom of the 45acp brass.

Boggus Deal:
Take a closer look at it. I doubt it was used for wax bullets in .45 Auto or blanks. I've seen some brass with larger than usual flash holes Haven't found a problem.


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