Author Topic: An interesting story about oil..or how long will your WB pistol run before clean  (Read 6187 times)

Last Chance

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  • Posts: 31 unless you are close to central Oregon ever you can order it here! I recommend the fingernail polish bottle, works very well with slide groves.

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Once again, the 1911 shows that it runs ammo very differently depending upon what gun you're shooting it through.

Lyman handbook shows a 230 grain slug loaded on top of 4.0 WST to make 775 FPS

GS got:
The average MV was 695 fps with 4.0 grains of WST for a PF of 160

This reinforces what WB shooters have known for a good while -
You MUST check your 1911 loads over a chrono at similar conditions to the match you will be shooting, or else you need to at least try to hit a 165 PF so you will have some wiggle room when you get to a match!

Good luck, GJ
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Thanks Last Chance, I got a fingernail polish bottle ordered. I appreciate a company that has the one click paypal option.
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