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Is a carry type holster OK to use in Wild Bunch?

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San Joaquin Shootist:
Is a leather carry type holster OK to use along with a belt that goes thru belt loops?

Like this--> http://www.kirkpatrickleather.com/concealment/texas-strong-side-75

Thanks in advance,

The holster pictured looks to me like it meets the requirements for wild bunch competition.  Just keep in mind that you also need magazine pouches and reload ammo for shotgun and rifle. Welcome to the fun! 8)


Garrison Joe:
Sure, holster covers plenty enough of the slide. 
Good luck, GJ

Tully Mars:
I own this holster, it's not my WB holster, but it's a great holster!


San Joaquin Shootist:
I'm wanting a new holster for my 1911's and just wondering if I could multi-task that holster for Wild Bunch if I wanted in the future. I might want to play WB but don't want to buy all special gear right now.


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