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Texas State Wild Bunch Championship 11-4-17 & 11-5-17 Cleburne, Texas

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It is Official as of 6-26-17 Comanche Valley Vigilantes Cleburne, Texas will be hosting the Texas State Wild Bunch championships Nov 4-5, 2017.  It will be a 10 Stage Match with 5 stages on Saturday and 5 on Sunday, Side matches on Saturday along with BAMM.  What can you expect to see in the match, Shotgun Poppers, Clay Birds, Dueling Trees,  Hostages targes  Pistol and rifle knock downs  and a few other surprises.  Applications will be forth coming on our website.  Come join us for a fun packed weekend.


Goatneck, Match Director

Lone Dog:
Be there or be square...

 ;D LD, so what's the bamm rifle gonna be this year? Short or long mosin? 03? K31? Or you just gonna bring a bunch? Dusty

Lone Dog:
All the above and a 7mm Czech Mauser ;D

Lone Dog:
Oh wait, my 03 is a sporter so scratch that one. I do not know why we stopped allowing sporterized rifles if we want to expand BAMM. The sporters were not hurting a bloomin' thing... :'(


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