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New Mexico State Wild Bunch Championship


J. Frank Norfleet:
Los Pistoleros will again host the New Mexico State Wild Bunch Match August 26 and 27. This will be a two day 12 stage match on a Saturday and Sunday at the Founders Ranch in Edgewood. We will have great stages (thanks Bogus Deal) and great food (thanks EZGZ).
Buckles to category winners and we will split any category that has enough entries to split. We will just have to order the prizes after the match.

Message me or Boggus Deal with your email for an entry form or go to Los Pistoleros on Facebook.

J. Frank Norfleet:
We have some really great buckles this year.  Here is one of them

EMF has sponsored a pistol for the match. Every entry is entered in the drawing for this 1911. THANK YOU EMF!


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