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Re: Scoring
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There is NO reason I know of that, when folks developed the Stage Point Scoring reports in a couple of the software scoring programs, they left out the raw time, misses and penalty data.   They made a BAD mistake when they did, because it becomes hard for a shooter to track strengths, weaknesses and possible ways to improve.   It also becomes impossible for shooters after the fact to verify that results were correctly entered and tabulated.    :-[

Yes, the extra data takes more space.  That could have been provided by adding another row to the stage point score line for each competitor. 

Those details really are important - perhaps more so than powdered sugar on sugar cookies!
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Re: Scoring
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G.J I couldn't agree more. The biggest issue I have is that committee has stated the scoring system algorithm has been flawed for the last two years (or longer) at the Nation and world championships yet we move forward with the same ridiculous system .