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Texas State Wild Bunch Championship 11-4-17 thru 11-5-17

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Applications are posted online come join us for a fun filled weekend



Grouchy Spike:
Will do!  And looking forward to it.

Two applications will be in the post this week.

Grouchy Spike:
Application has been submitted and registration is confirmed.  Are Goatneck and I the only two who will register for Senior Modern?  Lone Dog, are you not a senior yet?

Lone Dog:
Yep, been silver senior for coupla years now

Grouchy Spike:
Goatneck, are you burning the midnight oil to design some more of those challenging scenarios for TX State WB 2017?  Are you gonna slow down that trap machine from 100 mph to 50 mph?  ;D

I'm looking forward to this match.  Can't hardly wait, like a kid looking a presents under the Christmas tree on December 24th.   :)

Lone Dog, just think about TX State WB 2018 - 7-round magazine loads!  The spirit of JMB must be smiling.


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