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2017 New Mexico State Wild Bunch Championship

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Boggus Deal:
Hi all!

The match is bearing down on us quickly! 11 days! On Friday the gates of the ranch will be open if anyone wants to dry camp. And if you are can you please let me know? Thanks!

On top of the EMF 1911 that one lucky shooter is going to win, we have some more awesome door prizes! You won't want to miss out on those! We have some new prize sponsors this year and they have been very generous!

EzGz has planned some wonderful food for lunches both days and I know that it's going to be yummy!

And then!!!! Our pot luck dinner at the Sierra Blanca Brewing company on Saturday night. We have the beer garden from 4:00 until 7:00, which is closing time. Please be thinking of your favorite side dish to make. Burger, dogs, brats and dessert will be provided. We will be making sure everyone drinks responsibly.

I am trying to attach a map to this email but as you all know, I am not the most computer savvy.....

Please feel free to let me know and I can get one to you.

Also, we have at least one vendor coming to set up and we are going to try to have a swap meet space if you have some stuff you don't need anymore.

If you have any questions, comments, needs or complaints, let me give you Ez's email!

Just kidding! Email me or call me at 505-506-5783

Boggus Deal

Sgt. John Campbell:
I'm really looking forward to the match next weekend.  Any guesstimate on the round count needed for the match?

Boggus Deal:
High estimate is 300 pistol, 100 rifle and 75 shotgun. All you want to bring for side matches.

BD, what all are y'all doing for side matches this year?

Boggus Deal:
J. Frank Norfleet has some fun Man on Msn stuff lined up. A dueling tree, an MGM spinner. Not going to do much speed stuff, I don't believe.  Will post some videos!


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