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Reshoot, .... and more


Frenchie Boy:
Hi All.

At the end of a stage, the TO sees that the timer did not take all the shots and that the time is to low to be a "real" time. ( 35 % faster then the fastest shooter in the posse.)
The TO ask the shooter to do a reshoot.
Was this the right decision ?

What if the shooter refuses to do the reshoot ?
What would his score be ?

Thanks for your advises.

Boggus Deal:
It's happened to me before. The only way to do it is take a reshoot. If a shooter refuses, they are in the wrong. In my opinion, it's a DNF.

Happy Jack:
Re-shoot due to "match equipment failure".  In this case "timer failure" even though it may be due to poor TO position. Check timer for proper operation before re-shoot. Make sure TO is paying attention.
 If no re-shoot Score posted as DNF.     
Ask shooter to re-shoot. If they won't take the DNF and gets belligerent:   MDQ   Unsportsman-like conduct.

Garrison Joe:
Yep, ask the shooter to run it again.   

You didn't say HOW the TO knew the timer "didn't record all the shots", but if he ran back through the entire shot string and only had perhaps an 80% capture of shot count, then he sure would be justified in demanding shooter run again.

This brings up a real good point, though.  The TO MUST be looking at the timer on the last couple of shots to make sure the last shot got recorded.  If the TO had done that on this scenario, TO would have seen that he was not capturing the shots and would have called it out as the shooter completed the stage.   

It's happened to me - I have had to tell a shooter: "Sorry, pard, but the timer was not picking up your last several shots.  We'll get a different timer and I'll run you through again.   But right now, we do not have a valid time for you." 

It does happen.  But you also want to make sure it's not the TO's fault because he's not getting the timer into a good position to hear the shots, too.  (or a bad timer, or a bad battery)  No need for this to happen again for the next few shooters or even later stages.

Good luck, GJ

Frenchie Boy:

We were on the same Track, the TO made the right decision. ( Reshoot )
Just that some people whatever you tell them ( even gently ) will sadly not listen. :'(

Thanks to all for the your good advices.


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