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Wrong on so many levels..


Mink Shoals Bandit:
Probably none of my business since I wasn't there... But I really can't ignore it since I saw it on the web... How would you like to be standing by this guy for the Posse Photos??  Glad I wasn't...

Samuel B Carpenter:

 Atleast the finger was outside the triggerguard

Cocked and unlocked........hope it was empty

Oh well, anything for a good posse photo

Samuel B

Buffalo Dick WB:
That's me in the picture. I showed the gun was cleared and empty to the other shooters and it is actually angled forward away from the other shooters and not pointed at anyone. Hairless is a nice guy and I wouldn't want to shoot him!  I've been in lots of posse pictures with people holding guns that have been cleared and which are not pointed at anyone-this is one of them.

Last Chance:
Very usual to see posse photos with people holding a rifle or pistol for a pose. They're always empty. I wouldn't call that wrong, I'd call that style.

Mink Shoals Bandit:
Just have no words for this one........ 


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