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Tombstone Shootists Wild Bunch Match Saturday, November 4, 2017


August West:
The Tombstone Shootists Society regular, monthly, Wild Bunch Action Shooting match will be this coming Saturday, November 4th at the Tombstone Livery. 

We hope you can join us for the match!!!

The weather has finally turned to 'Other than Summer', a.k.a. Cooler.

The Six Stage match will be held on two shooting bays.  The round count for the match will be 178 Pistol, 35 Rifle, and 15 Shotgun.

Again, we hope you can join us for the match.  We look forward to seeing you.

If you would like to have copies of stage descriptions sent to you before the match, send me an IM on this site with your email address and I'll get PDF copies of the stages to you ASAP, by return electrons.

All the best to you!!!


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