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2017 Texas State WB Champions

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Congratulations to the Texas WB state champs

Shooting Iron Miller  High overall Lady
Capt Sam Evans       High overall Men
Wicked Flenia           Ladies Modern Senior
Modern                    Dusty Boddams
Traditional               Greased Lighting
Modern Senior          Shadow Doc
Traditional Senior     Hoodoo Brown

BAMM Combat          Capt Sam Evans
BAMM Sniper            Dusty Boddams

Again thanks to all the shooters that participated in this years match.  We had a huge turnout.

J. Frank Norfleet:
You all put on a great match. Glad to see your turnout was huge! Wished I could have been there.
Just curious. Your overall winners are not listed also as category winners. Did you bump up the next shooter in their category when they won overall?

J Frank thats exactly how I set the awards for this years match.  In other shooting disciplines this is the format that is used. 


J. Frank Norfleet:
I really like that. The Overall is a redundant award since they have already won their category. Historically the two overall winners walk away with two trophies. I have argued that overall be done away with but SASS requires it. You have come up with the best solution. This makes the overall an important award and rewards the next person in their category.

Back 40:
Goatneck, what was the difference of the BAMM sniper and BAMM combat?


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