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WTB 1911 magazines


high tech redneck:
WTB 1911 magazines
looking for some reasonably priced magazines for an original 1911 from 1918 to use in matches. just getting started in WB but not a lot of left over cash.

Boggus Deal:
I recommend getting 5-6 new Colt or Checkmate magazines at around $20 each. They will last you a long, long time and the few dollars you save with some cheaper magazines will not be worth the frustrations they cause.

Grouchy Spike:
+1 for new!  Don't buy someone elses troubles.

Checkmate makes magazines for various pistol manufacturers too.

Slightly higher in price are Ruger, Springfield, and then Tripp. I didn't have much good service from Chip McCormick but many other do. And you can choose among feed lip design - GI, Hybrid, or Wadcutter.  Articles of interest are linked here:




I wrote Checkmate to ask about jams when the last extracted cartridge case jammed into the feed lips, thinking that a weak magazine spring caused this jam (it didn't):

Response: All magazines have a lifespan and after years of frequent use will require replacement. There are a few ways to make you mags last longer that I will note at the end of this email.

Magazines that have been shot for 3 years without issue until now may consider near the end of its lifespan. However, it appears you did a few things that can greatly accelerate the wear and tear on the magazine. 

Replacing the stock springs with higher power Wolff springs will increase the pressure on the feed lips and will accelerate feed lip spreading.  (which is what I tried with no improvement)

Wolff does not make any 1911 magazine springs compatible with our CM45-F-S-T follower and if used together will likely result in feeding issues and/or damage to the mags. The excess pressure being exerted on the feed lips from using a CM45-F-S-T and Wolff spring would be tremendous and far outside what the feed lips are built to withstand.  This type of damage is not covered under our manufacturer's warranty.

If you are looking for a design that is more resilient to feed lips spreading you can try the wadcutter feed lips designed for hollow points.  As the wadcutter feed lips are completely parallel they inherently offer more resilience to feed lip spreading.

For longest feed lip life, leave your magazines unloaded when not being used. Only replace springs with the Check-Mate springs originally provided with the magazine.  If you're shooting every month I would recommend rotating through more than 6 magazines, most prefer around 12.

Grouchy Spike:
high tech redneck, Further along the magazine trail, my defense loads sit in Tripp magazines:



Located in Bastrop TX, when I'm planning to be in the area I call ahead and ask to pick up an order.

The 7R-45-WG meets the requirements of Wild Bunch.  The follower is a bit more difficult to remove compared to other followers, so Tripp recommends cleaning the magazines with the follower in place.  I push the follower down, pin it in place through the witness holes, scrub with a magazine brush and cleaner (Hoppes 9 or Kroil, etc), flush with non-chlorinated brake cleaner.  Advance Auto Wearever has the least stink.

Other followers are either skirted or non-skirted, and there are two ways to make the follower - one is bent, the other is folded and bent.  Those that are folded and bent have some spring to them, maybe these are used in the magazines that are 8-round capacity in the length of the 7-round magazines.


My favorite followers are those skirted followers made by Checkmate, and provided in Ruger magazines.  The follower can't move forward when the last round is fed from the magazine, of particular importance to avoid scratches in lightweight frames.


Also of interest:  http://www.americanclassic1911forum.com/forumsii/showthread.php?275-Magazine-Design

The magazines are part of the system, as important as any other - springs, extractors, ejectors, etc.

Is this more than you wanted to know? ???

high tech redneck:
Never too much info. The more you know the better. That's how I built my latest 1911 and ar-9. Thanks for all the comments. It really help to get advice from people in the know.


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