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 Having downloaded the new WB Shooting handbook and reading through them, then looking at the CHANGES, gemtlemen I think we have a problem, well at least I have.

Page 7 of the latest handbook PISTOL RANGE OPERATIONS reads, under dot point #5
"No cocked, loaded pistol may ever leave a shooters hand" (SDQ)

The Rule Change Sheet under dot point 5 reads,
"The pistol may be restaged with a loaded magazine in the gun as long as the slide is locked open. If the slide closes, thus loading a round it is a SDQ"

OK the penalties I understand and agree with, but the change contradicts the book ruling?

Also in my opinion this could be a highly dangerous situation and practice,...why...what if ( I hate playing the what if factor, but in this case i have to)  the shooter loads a loaded magazine say on the move to shoot another gun, slams it down on the prop letting it go, slide shoots forward,...now it's loaded the round, and the hammer is cocked?
A really light trigger he has, it goes off firing the round,...now don't forget there is NO restraint on the gun,...what do you think would happen?
If you don't know, this is what happens,....it will spin around maybe a whole 360 degrees depending on the prop surface, from the inertia of the recoil, thus putting everyone standing behind the firing line in danger and all will have been swept with a loaded gun.???
If it has some sort of malfunction like the firing pin jamming, then numerous other rounds could be released and possibly cause well you know what.
I'd say to the WB Ambassadores, this needs to rethought, and I will say now, should this rule be enacted by any match director then my guns are packed away and I'm off.

As per a thread earlier about "It ain't Wild Bunch"?   
Any more rules changes towards other pistol disciplines then "IT AIN'T WILD BUNCH NO LONGER"

August West:
I ain't no rule wonk, but to my sensibilities a "cocked, loaded pistol" implies one that is at battery.

Thanks for the update Sassy, lets hope this addressed soon.


--- Quote from: August West on November 25, 2017, 06:41:24 AM ---I ain't no rule wonk, but to my sensibilities a "cocked, loaded pistol" implies one that is at battery.

--- End quote ---

Not necessarily .....if the hammer is back, it's cocked,,,,,, if there is a "loaded" magazine in the pistol even with the slide back......
it's "loaded" emphasis is on the word "loaded" in my book?

If your single action revolver is has 5 rounds in it and the hammer is down on an empty chamber, are you saying it ain't loaded?? :-[

Happy Jack:
Jackaroo, There was a LOT of though put into the rule changes. The committee members have over 150 years combined experience with the 1911. We are not concerned about a loaded magazine put into a 1911. Since the CA "drop test" went into effect many years ago the slide going forward on a loaded magazine isn't going to cause an unintended discharge. Yes, I know there are some older pistols in use from before the test was established. In over 50 years as an active dealer, collector, builder and shooter of 1911's I have never heard of a time a slide went forward on a gun out of the shooter's hand and it fired.  Anything is possible, but we don't write rules to cover "anything".


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