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  We have redefined our Rifle portion of the Wild Bunch Competition at C.V.V Cleburne, Texas..  We have shot 3 matches so far including The Texas State Championship.  We have moved the rifle targets out to 25 yards.  We have had nothing but praise for the decision.  It really adds another element to our game.  We vary the round count from 5 to 10 rounds based on the stage.  Has any other clubs tried this approach?  If you haven't give it a try and see what you think.

Garrison Joe:
At Founder's Los Pistoleros match Saturday, rifle targets were shot at about 17-20 yards.  I wrote stages where we shot seven from rifle, so that the same pattern on the longest pistol set could be used for the rifle set (aka, the same target bank).  Worked very naturally.  (Yes, there was usually a closer shooting position for that 1911 set than where the rifle was shot from but not always.)

Good luck, GJ

Lone Dog:
I applaud this move. 25 yards should be no problemo for all but possibly Mr Magoo. I would like to see regular CAS do this too but ahem and alas that is probably wishful thinking. After all, the concept of the rifle is the projection of power over a DISTANCE, not just to see who can toggle the bloomin' thing the fastest...

J. Frank Norfleet:
I agree! Moving rifle targets out and 7 rounds in the mag make for fun stages.

Last Chance:


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