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Winter Range Wild Bunch Warm-up question

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Back 40:
   Will there be a Wild Bunch warmup match?   If so, what day?(Sunday, I presume)  Try to book rooms.
Thanks in advance

The usual is no Wild Bunch Warm-up.  Shooters meeting at 8:00am Monday, shooting starts at 8:30.


Happy Jack:
Back 40,  Boggus Deal is the MD this year. I don't think there is time during setup at WR for a warm-up. He might be able to give you some more info. You might get in touch with Legendary Lawman who is always there a few days early to see if they shoot somewhere else.

Boggus Deal:
Warm up? WARM UP? You don't need no stinkin' warm up!!! Especially if that scoundrel Shell Stuffer is coming with you!
Seriously, as HJ stated, there won't be time for a warm up at WR. However, on the Friday before the match starts, there is a WB match at Cowtown. I do believe the practice bay will be open at WR on Sunday. I will check and if I find out anything, I will report here.
Look forward to seeing you!

Back 40:
Thanks BD    We'll probably be there early anyway.   Let me know if there s anything we can help you with.


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