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1873 .45 acp conversion?



still an interesting concept; but the only one i actually saw didn't work very well (Cody job).

was this unusual or common? anybody shooting one that works?

gotta say that a 16", 10 rd. carbine sounds really cool.

oh, yeah, i have read about the Ranger Precision Marlin; but it seems like an awful lot of money spent to experience the dreaded Marlin jam.


Mink Shoals Bandit:
I've been shooting one (Codymatic), for several years, runs like a typical race gun built by him... A lot faster than I am.. May not be saying much though..  Never had a problem with it or any rifle by Cody........ 

J. Frank Norfleet:
I really like the idea of loading one round for both pistol and rifle. But, I had nothing but grief with mine. I sold it to a fellow shooter and it runs perfectly for him, go figure. He likes it so well he had Cody build another.
It has a lot to do with the shooter.
I shoot Marlins now. They seem harder for me to break.

Yes it is nice.  Well I just run Open and take the Thompson. 

Cody & I came up with this ideal a few years back after one of my friends built his own from an original Winchester 1873. My rifle is the first one Cody built.  It has over 10,000 rounds thru the rifle now.  It will shoot circles around a 1873 chambered in 45LC. I have several of these.  It has never hiccuped one time.  It speaks for itself.


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