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When to make call on moving with slide forward.

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Tully Mars:
With the new rules change in regards to moving with the slide forward penalty, when is the appropriate time to make that call? In the past it was a SDQ so stopping the shooter immediately was appropriate. However if we now stop a shooter and the gun is empty we've now penalized that shooter additional time on top of the 10 second MSV.

I'm assuming it's appropriate if the TO counts 7 shots and see's the shooter move with the slide forward, to wait until the next magazine is inserted and the slide racked to make the determination on the call? MSV stay quite till the end of the stage, SDQ stop the shooter then?

If the TO is not able to keep up with the shooter and be right there when the slide is racked, is a live round on the ground sufficient to make the call? Some shooters move very fast.




August West:

Tully Mars:
August my understanding is it's a penalty either way. Round in chamber = SDQ, empty chamber = MSV.

I do not want to stop someone who has an empty chamber an add time to their penalty. Just looking for the correct way to make this call.

See you soon!

Garrison Joe:
TM -

I too have concerns about when to call.  I'm probably going to take the route of stay quiet regardless of what I THINK the gun condition is, until shooter stops at next position.   Then watch to see what pops out when the slide gets racked.

If a live round comes out upon racking, well, SDQ called then. 

If no round, remember a Minor Safety that will be given at end of string.   No way for shooter to correct it during stage, once he takes steps.   So no need to call anything out loud for the MSV until the end.

Don't just look down to see if a live round is on ground to tell difference between the SDQ and MSV call.  It could well have popped off the top of a magazine being drawn from holster and loaded.

And, unfortunately, the spotters probably will rarely be able to help the TO to make the call.  It will all hinge on the TO's ability to position himself to the right side of shooter as the shooter comes to a stop, and to be WATCHING the gun as slide is racked.   

Now, we will also want to speak up if shooter lays down the 1911 with slide forward.   Shooter has until next gun fired to correct that.  A verbal warning would help shooter avoid a MSV for having re-staged an empty 1911 with slide closed.

I believe we will find this (TO seeing the slide rack clearly) to be a hard thing to do when RO'ing high speed shooters and when dodging around props.  WR will make a good  proving ground.   ;)    (Wish it had been put together with simplicity for shooter and TO in mind.)

If a TO does make a SDQ call out loud and realizes that was a bad call, do not be afraid to (ask for ability to give reshoot, which major matches are requiring, and then) give the reshoot for having interfered with the run.

Good luck, GJ

August West:


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