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Lessons learned from WR?


Tucker McNeely:
What things did we learn from the practical application of the new rules at WR?

Boggus Deal:
As the match director, I saw only good stuff from the rule changes. I think all really enjoyed the 7 rounds in the mag.
No on DQed for the Model 12 as far as I know. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know.
As for tactical reloads, everyone I saw try it either got a P or had a miss on the sixth or seventh round. Having practiced it quite a lot before and after the rule change, I can say my split times are not affected very much.
Thanks for asking!

Happy Jack:
I wasn't there, but the feedback I have received agreed with Boggus. The only problems mentioned were due to attempting to use a tactical reload. One shooter was given a reshoot because the TO stopped  him (RO interference) and others ended up with a "P" or had to take extra time to clear the pistol before restaging. With the limited round count in WBAS a tactical reload at this time is usually a BAD idea.  We allow them but it is up to the shooter to decide if it is an advantage.

I was also told that the slide forward on an empty chamber or spent round changing from a SDQ to a MSV was well received.  (especially since it happened a few times)

Garrison Joe:

--- Quote from: Happy Jack on March 06, 2018, 09:00:26 AM ---I was also told that the [penalty for moving with] slide forward on an empty chamber or spent round changing from a SDQ to a MSV was well received.  (especially since it happened a few times)

--- End quote ---

We did see that on our posse once.  It was fortunately not called out loud while shooter continued through stage, but the MSV penalty was simply applied at the end of the run.   Shooter was relieved it was not the SDQ he expected.....

It's a good reduction of severity based upon the lack of a real hazard.  But it remains a slightly difficult one to adopt your TO style and habits to.

Good luck, GJ

Allie Mo:
Hi Folks,

I just saw this thread. See my thread on Tactical Reloads. It seems, like Happy Jack said, TRs may be allowed and safe; but are not always an advantage.

I didn't try it as I hadn't practiced it. However, several more experienced shooters than I tried it and were not very successful (meaning without an oops by the shooters or the counters). I saw shooters miscount and get a P, miscount and leave a live round in a magazine, AD, and move with the slide forward. Not only that, the pause between shot 6 and 7 confused the spotters. So, I think I will use the KISS method and not attempt TRs.




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