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Black Mike:
Trying to determine a load for Wild Bunch. Using data published for clean shot powder I had min and max loads. Trying to get mid range load just above power factor of 150. I plotted min and max points on chart and estimated loads along the line between two points. Does this make sense?


I would load up 3.6 grains and go chrono and be happy with 161 pf.
I would never try to get close to 150 pf.


Happy Jack:
I only use WST for 45ACP, BUT I can tell you you do NOT want to load below 160pf.  Depending on the weather and the chrono in use it is not unusual to get 100fps difference and if you are close to 150 you could easily fail pf testing. PF testing results are not appealable.

Garrison Joe:
To your original question, yeah, you can usually get close  to an intermediate velocity of your choice using a straight line interpolation between a published min and max load.  Be aware, though, that bullet seating depth, bullet diameter, alloy hardness, lube type, barrel groove diameter, and lots of other variables can add up to give you +/- 200 FPS on a .45 auto load compared to that "good published data."  ONLY testing over the chrony with your loads and your gun is good enough for WB.

And another big + to never TRYING to run at 150 PF.  I run at 167 PF and never look back at "bargaining with a MDQ" when a cold day or a backup gun has to be deployed.

Good luck, GJ


Black Mike:
Thanks!  Good advice.


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