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NEW2019 Wild Bunch Handbooks
« on: November 20, 2018, 11:11:18 AM »
The New 2019 Wild Bunch Handbooks are now posted on this site as well as the main SASS site.
   PLEASE download all 3 of them. There have been MANY changes. Numerous penalties have been REMOVED. Over the years many penalties were instituted because they were either carried over from CAS or were based on personal preferences or prejudices. The sport has matured and there is no justification to penalize shooters for things that aren't actually unsafe. There are guidelines on stage design and sample stages in the MD Guide that should be of interest to all shooters.
  Note than when downloading the new Handbooks changes are noted by vertical bars in the left margin. In many cases things were eliminated so nothing shows up where it used to be.
  If you don't find a penalty for an action listed in the penalty sections of the Shooters Handbook or the RO Manual there is NO penalty.
   The new rules take effect for Sanctioned matches January 01, 2019.  Local clubs may phase them in earlier if they wish.
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Re: NEW2019 Wild Bunch Handbooks
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2019, 08:50:18 PM »
Finally had  a chance to do a detailed read of the new Rule books... very impressed folks.   Well done.    I think we will need to do  a bit of a briefing at our match this month!!    ;)
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