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45acp 230gr load with W231?

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Four Fingers Fred:
Good evening folks, i am looking for a light winchester 231 match load.
I've been using 4.0gr of Titegroup behind 230 grains RN bullets for the last few years with relative success, but everybody keeps telling me that I should use something slower and less snappy than titegroup... (ok, i am running out of titegroup)
Anyone use w 231 behind 230 grains LRN ?


Four Fingers Fred, from the Ottawa Valley Marauders

J. Frank Norfleet:
Absolute lightest recoiling load is Goatneck's load, 230 bullet with WST. I'm loading 4.5 gr now, will vary with pistol and primers. Chrono it to 160PF and you won't believe how easy it feels.

Jfrank 4.0 wst with a 230

Garrison Joe:
To get back to original question, Win 231 will work fine in .45 auto and with a 230 grain slug.  I've loaded that to about 165 PF (years ago) and it's a nice, reliable load.   Try about 4.5 grains, and chrono in YOUR pistol because velocities in 1911's vary quite a bit gun to gun.

Good luck, GJ

To the OP,
I load 4.3 gr of Win 231 with a 230 gr LRN with hi-tek coating. OAL 1.225" with a tight crimp.
Gives me a PF of 160 here in Arizona in the 1911's Shotgun Shannon and I use.



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