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45acp 230gr load with W231?

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That's to be expected that is why you factor in a little extra PF

J. Frank Norfleet:
Power factor is a moving target. DB was correct that 4.5 gr was high. My records show when I first started using Goatneck's load, I started with 3.8 gr. Over the years I have bumped that up to 4.2 to get a PF of 162. Change anything and the PF changes; bullets, SP vs LP brass, primers or pistol. I generally chronograph a sample of my match ammo before I leave for a major match. I learned that several years ago at Winter Range when my pistol ammo chrono'ed at 150.5 PF. I had bumped the powder bar adjustment when I was loading for the match.

Four Fingers Fred:
That's the problem: summers here can be 30 celsius and winter can be -30 celsius... (between -22F to 86F)
I have all the winter to reload, but I can't really know how my reloads perform until spring... :-)

J. Frank Norfleet:
Wow, celsius, had convert that. It is the temperature of the rounds not the temperature of the air the makes the difference. Load your rounds in mags and keep them warm until they are ready to be chronographed. 

Knew a IPSC shooter who had to put his ammo in on the dash board in the sunlight to make PF at a winter match. In service rifle we kept our ammo in an ice chest (no ice) to keep powders like 748 from going crazy in the summer sun.

Garrison Joe:
One reason a lot of shooters settle in on Winchester Super Target (WST) powder is it's temperature insensitivity.  In fact, it is slightly slower in hot temperatures.   So, a load worked up in the summer will almost always maintain the same or higher power factor in cold temps.

Clay Dot is another powder that is very consistent over a range of normal temperatures. 

Good luck, GJ


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