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Re: WB Website
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Last Chance, not trying to ruffle yours or anyone’s feathers. I have been to a local clubs monthly match and my [not as local] clubs monthly match many times. But I have not been able to get to what I would call a regional or state sized WB match. I haven’t been to anything other than monthly shoots since my wifes stroke 12 years ago. Unfortunately I lost her this past July so I’m hoping that in 2019 I will be able to get farther afield and attend some bigger shoots. What WB events on the east coast would you recommend for 2019? I’m sorta in the middle here in eastern NC.

Last Chance

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Re: WB Website
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Sorry to hear.. hopefully you can make some matches soon! I believe Illinois has a WB state shoot that I hear is excellent. Sometime around September. I'm not the best to ask about the east coast because I'm located all the way in Oregon!
Wisconsin and Ohio have some good matches i hear as well. 
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