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Alliant Power Pistol powder


Has anyone tried Alliant Power Pistol powder behind a Hi-Tec coated 45 acp. bullet?   I am switching from lead bullets to Hi-tec bullets and am interested in Powder Pistol powder.

Church Key:
I use PP for .40 S&W, not for .45 ACP as I still use Bullseye for it. Too lazy to change my powder measure. PP pushes my coated bullets faster than the lead ones and works fine. I'll use it if I cannot get BE.

Church Key

.45 auto is a low pressure round and does best with very fast powders. PP works, but I haven't seen any benefits and you use more powder than if you use BE, Red Dot, AA2, or 231/HP38.

Garrison Joe:
Win Super Target.   WST


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