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heavy bullets in bamm


Anyone use heavy bullets in BAMM rifle say around 200g. 

LV, sure you can use them !  They will work well and are accurate. Slightly more recoil. I use a 190 grain of Norm Purcella sized .313 in 7.65 argentine,7.7 jap, 303 British and 7.62 rimmed Russian . Have to say if the 170 was offered in the 313 diameter that would be my choice.

Garrison Joe:
Sure, the Lyman 311299, 200 grains, gas checked, (or a clone that can be obtained in slightly larger diameter from NOE or Accurate) works really great in my 03 and my 03A3.  Run them at 1800-1900 FPS, with about 24 BNH.

Many cast-bullet accuracy matches for Military guns are won with the 311299 design and weight.

Good luck, GJ


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