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WST Colt 45 Loads?


Johnny Longpants:
Does anyone have a 200 gr RNFP Colt 45 Load using WST that they would be willing to share?


Garrison Joe:
My .45 Colt load is 6.2 grains WST with a 200 grain TC bullet.  Runs pretty clean.  Bullet shape really will not matter in .45 Colt. 

This makes 175+ PF in my 20" rifle.    You will want to check this in your rifle with a chrono.

Good luck, GJ

Johnny Longpants:
Thanks Joe, that will give me a great place to start testing.   

Johnny Longpants:
Worked up the 45 Colt WST loads and some 45 ACP WST Loads and everything working great.   

Going with 5.8 gn of WST in 45 Colt with 200 gn RNFP out of my 20" 1892 gives me 178 PF and shoots great.

The 45 ACP ended up being 4.0 gn of WST under a 230 gn RN out of my 1911 giving me 166 PF and feels good.

Thanks for the info.  Helped to find some good loads.


The loads you selected for both your rifle and 1911 are proved loads we have been using that load receipt for years and it is flawless.  We just returned from Winter Range and again those loads worked perfect


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