Author Topic: NEW RULE effective 27 June 2019 1911 Magazine Base Pads  (Read 766 times)

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NEW RULE effective 27 June 2019 1911 Magazine Base Pads
« on: July 02, 2019, 12:10:21 PM »
After considerable time and discussion it has been decided that for convenience and to prevent minor injury to some shooters that Magazine base pads will be allowed with CERTAIN RESTRICTIONS.

New rule concerning Magazine Base Pads  effective 27 June 2019

A pad may be added to the base of magazines as long as it conforms to the following requirements:
#1. It is made of natural leather material only.
#2. It is no larger than the contour of the base of the magazine.
#3. The total thickness of the base pad may not extend more than 1/4" beyond the original base plate.

NO before you ask, we will NOT be allowing pads made of plastic, metal, etc. ONLY natural leather.
Mernickle leather will be making some soon that conform to the requirements, and I am sure other leather makers will also. A shooter may also make them themselves.  DO NOT push the envelope on these pads as non-conforming ones would fall under the "illegal equipment" rule and result in a MDQ for scoring purposes.

I am NOT a leather expert but have been told by holster makers that number 9-10 leather would be legal and unless your glue is very thick 10-11 would also make it.
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