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Happy Jack:
This is the place to ask about WB rules. The WB committee members will answer them. We hope to avoid the endless speculation and "what if's" these type of threads can cause on the regular SASS wire. Our job as committee members is to grow Wild Bunch and help insure that matches are consistent throughout the World. Having consistent calls on rules is imperative to that goal. The new version of the SASS Wild Bunch Handbook just issued. We have tried very hard to make sure there are no inconsistencies in it. However, there may be issues we have overlooked. Please feel free to ask your questions here. We will try to answer them in a timely fashion. Areas that are not clear will be discussed by the WB committee before an answer is posted.

Remember:  Wild Bunch is NOT Cowboy Action Shooting with a 1911 !!

Many rules are slightly different, and we encourage all Wild Bunch shooters to download the new Handbook.


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