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Choosing a SASS Alias

As the game of Cowboy Action Shooting™ has evolved, our members have developed and adopted an attitude towards their participation called "The Spirit of the Game." It is a code by which we live. Competing in "The Spirit of the Game" means you fully participate in what the competition asks. You try your best to dress the part, use the appropriate competition tools, and respect the traditions of the Old West. Some folks would call it nothing more than good sportsmanship. We call it "Spirit of the Game."

One of the unique aspects of being a SASS member and honoring the Spirit of the Game is selecting and registering your SASS Alias with your membership. An alias can be appropriate to a character or profession of the Old West era, a Hollywood western, a character from western fiction- even a combination or an avenue to pay homage to your region, individual roots and family history.

Your SASS shooting alias is exclusively yours.  In the tradition of the Old West cattle brand registries, SASS prohibits duplicating another’s alias. There is only one Tex, one Kid Curry, and one Loophole Pettifogger.

Guidelines for selecting an alias:

-        Your alias must be family friendly and printable before a wide audience.

-        No duplications are permitted. If it sounds the same, it is the same.

-        Adding “too”, “II”, etc., is not acceptable.

-        Adding “The” is not acceptable. (“Ranger” could become “Texas Ranger”, but not “The Ranger”

-        Historical names may not be modified to make them different. (Wyatt Earp and Marshal Wyatt Earp are considered the same)

The SASS Alias Registry changes daily. Feel free to contact SASS Headquarters to confirm the availability of your alias choice.

Be creative and good luck!

Stumped? Don’t worry! An alias is not initially required for membership. Once you settle in to your local club, the sport, and your new friends; your new alias will reveal itself easier than you think!

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