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Member Benefits

Membership in SASS means different things to different people, and the reasoning’s behind each individual joining of the organization differ greatly from person to person. While there may be a simple, single reason to joining for some; most point to a combination of both tangible and intangible benefits that comprise the true value of their membership.


Tangible Benefits

-          Registered SASS number and membership badge

-          Registration of an unduplicatable Alias

-          Rental car and Hotel discounts

-          Prescription discount plan

-          Competition entry to sanctioned shooting events

-          Subscription to The Cowboy Chronicle

-          Exclusive SASS member pricing on select merchandise


Intangible Benefits

-          Pride and Belonging

-          Camaraderie and Social Aspects

-          Support of the Shooting Sports as a whole

-          Support of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America

-          Interest in the preservation of the Old West Heritage and Western lifestyle enthusiasts

-          Firearm enthusiasts and collectors of western and antique firearms

-          Shooting competition

-          Family oriented activities and events

-          Supports the governing and sanctioning body for the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting and Wild Bunch Action Shooting.

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