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Club Affiliation

The Single Action Shooting Society® is committed to aiding Cowboy Action Shooting™ clubs across the world through the SASS® Affiliated Club Program. Affiliating your club with SASS comes with the benefit of unrivaled support and the confidence of being backed by SASS®- the governing and sanctioning body for the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™ worldwide. Since 1987, SASS® has worked diligently to promulgate the rules to ensure safety and consistency in Cowboy Action Shooting™ competitions. Your clubs’ affiliation with SASS® helps to create a proven, safe environment to enjoy Cowboy Action Shooting™ in your community. Through our club affiliation program, you’ll receive assistance with club marketing and promotion for optimum growth and success and loads of other resources and benefits.

Benefits of Club Affiliation

-        Access to SASS® Programs and Resource materials

-        SASS® Recruiting rewards

-        Club Awards

-        Free Advertising (website & The Cowboy Chronicle)

-        Exclusive Club discounts

-        Membership recruitment and retention support

-        Club representation at the national level (Territorial Governor program)

-        Annual match sponsorship opportunities

-        Support and representation in the shooting sports industry

-        Licensed use of the SASS® logo and trademarks

-        Discounted 12x rate for all advertising in The Cowboy Chronicle

-        The opportunity to foster the organized growth of Cowboy Action Shooting™ in a manner consistent with the Spirit of the Game.

Requirements for Club Affiliation

-        Maintain no less than 50% of the club’s total members/membership in SASS®

-        Conduct all matches/competitions in compliance with the SASS® Shooters Handbook

-        Have a regularly scheduled shooting program

-        Respect all SASS® Registered aliases and SASS® Numbers

-        Regularly provide SASS® with copies of club newsletters and/or bulletins

-        Commit to promoting the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting™ and SASS® in your local community and region whenever possible

-        Provide proof of liability insurance for the club/range/activities

-        Complete the SASS® Affiliated Club application annually and submit to SASS HQ- along with the required affiliation fee. All club affiliations are due on Dec. 1 of each year for affiliation through the coming calendar year.



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