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Becoming a SASS Certified RO Instructor

The training and education of competent range officers and safe competitors is the first line of defense in keeping the sports of Cowboy Action Shooting and Wild Bunch Action Shooting both a safe environment for everyone to enjoy. The success of the SASS Range Operations Safety Course program is only as good as the instructors that deliver the courses. As such, a thorough application and screening process is in place to ensure only the highest quality instructors become SASS Certified Instructors. SASS RO Instructors demonstrate an unparalleled dedication and commitment to the sport and to the Single Action Shooting Society. 

Instructor Role

The primary role of the instructor is education. The instructor must be active, engaged, and up-to-date on all rules and safety covenants within the SASS Shooters Handbooks, RO Materials, and supporting documents. The instructor will be certified and authorized to organize and present RO Courses on an as-scheduled and volunteer basis within their area/region and beyond. 

Applicant Criteria

To apply to become a SASS Certified RO Instructor, the following criteria must be present:

  • SASS member in good standing for a minimum of three years
  • A certified RO-II for at least one year
  • Active competitor within the sport
  • Assist in teaching an RO I or RO II Course at least twice (coordination assistance is available)
  • Exemplification of Spirit of the Game and The Cowboy Way in attitude and behavior
  • Have a passion, dedication, and commitment to preservation of the sport and to SASS
  • Willingness to travel

Once the criteria above have been met, the application process can begin.

The Application Process

In addition to completion of the official application, two letters of recommendation are also required. Final certification will be awarded after the applicant has scheduled and completed a full course instruction under the supervision of one of the following: 1) A member of the SASS ROC, 2) A member of the SASS Advisory Board, 3) A Regional Chief RO, or 4) A designate predetermined by SASS. Assistance in scheduling the supervised course can be coordinated through SASS Headquarters, most commonly at SASS Sanctioned events (state level and above) in which SASS members will be present. 

Once the supervised course has been completed and the application criteria met, the candidate will be notified by SASS within 30 days on the status of their certification. 



SASS expects the following from all certified SASS RO Instructors:

  • Courses are offered without prejudice to all SASS clubs and members globally
  • To act as ambassadors of SASS and the sport
  • To actively seek out opportunities to present courses
  • Remain active within the sport
  • Support and participate in SASS Sanctioned matches as instructors or other match official roles
  • Openly and actively communicate with Regional Chief ROs, Territorial Governors, the RO Committee, and SASS regarding the curriculum and the pulse of the membership

Instructor Term

SASS RO Instructor certifications are for a term of two years. All instructors must renew their certification at the set interval, regardless of the date of certification. (2023, 2025, 2027, etc.) SASS reserves the right to deny and/or revoke any instructor certification at any time due to failure to adhere to the guidelines of the propgram, inadequacy, inactivity, poor attitude, or any conduct not conducive to the mission of the program. 

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