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CAS RO I Course

Cowboy Action Shooting Range Operations Safety Course, Level 1

In SASS, everyone is considered a safety officer and is encouraged to assist in the enforcement and strict adherence to all safety rules. SASS certified safety courses are essential to the education and safety of those participating at all levels of competition. It is suggested all competitors attend a minimum the level one course to ensure the understanding of all SASS safety covenants and basic rules of the game. SASS makes every effort to ensure active SASS Certified course instructors are available in all regions of the US and internationally.

The goal of a CAS RO I course is to develop SASS Range Operations Safety Officers who possess the knowledge, skill, and attitude essential to ensure safety and consistency at all SASS Cowboy Action Shooting matches. 

This SASS Certified Course offers education on:

  • The role of a SASS Range Safety Officer
  • Ammunition components, Common firearm stoppages, and malfunctions
  • Range safety rules & conventions
  • Range commands
  • Match positions and roles
  • Holster standards
  • Penalty assessments 

... and much more! 

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