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Championship Match Sanctioning 

Thank you for your interest in hosting a SASS® Sanctioned Championship Match.

The Single Action Shooting Society® (SASS®) is the governing and sanctioning body for the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting® and Wild Bunch Action Shooting®, worldwide. For over 40 years, as the popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting® continued to gain momentum, numerous championships were added to the sanctioning program to answer the call of shooters demand across the country. SASS® is now proud to sanction championship matches at the State, Regional, National, and World Championship level across the globe.


State Championships: State championships are applied for only for the upcoming calendar year and must be applied for annually.


Match Sanctioning - Standard

SASS Sanctioning opportunities are available for events outside of the Championship structure. Most SASS Affiliated Clubs hold annual matches of multiple days. Many include entertainment, social activities and special events. SASS Clubs conduct their matches in accordance with the current SASS Shooters Handbook. 

Match Sanctioning Application 


Regional Championships: Regional Championships are on a 3-year commitment contract. There is not a standard application process to host a Regional Event. If your club is interested in hosting a Regional Championship event, please compile a formal proposal and submit to SASS® HQ appropriately for future consideration.

National Championship: The National Championship is hosted by the Oklahoma Territorial Marshals in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma under contract with and sanctioning by The Single Action Shooting Society.

World Championship (END of TRAIL): The World Championship is hosted by the Arizona Territorial Rough Riders in Phoenix, Arizona under contract with and sanctioning by The Single Action Shooting Society®.



Ready to host a Championship match at your Club?

SASS® provides the opportunity for all affiliated clubs to join in the sanctioning program and apply to host a championship event.

Applications for any sanctioned match must be received no later than September 1 for the upcoming calendar year

Duplicate applications at the State level will be forwarded to the Territorial Governors in that state for a deciding vote


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